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File Version: CCW data documentation version 1-28-19

SAS NameVariable Name
1PDE_IDCCW Encrypted Part D Event Number
2BENE_IDCCW Encrypted Beneficiary ID Number
3DOB_DTPatient Date of Birth (DOB)
4GNDR_CDPatient Gender
5SRVC_DTRX Service Date
6PD_DTPaid Date
7RX_SRVC_RFRNC_NUMRX Service Reference Number
8PROD_SRVC_IDProduct Service ID
10PLAN_PBP_REC_NUMPlan Benefit Package ID
11CMPND_CDCompound Code
12DAW_PROD_SLCTN_CDDispense as Written (DAW) Product Selection Code
13QTY_DSPNSD_NUMQuantity Dispensed
14DAYS_SUPLY_NUMDays Supply (Part D)
15FILL_NUMNumber of drug fills
16DSPNSTCD_STUS_CDDispensing Status Code
17DRUG_CVRG_STUS_CDDrug Coverage Status Code
18ADJSTMT_DLTN_CDAdjustment Deletion Code
19NSTD_FRMT_CDNon-Standard Format Code
20PRCNG_EXCPTN_CDPricing Exception Code
21CTSTRPHC_CVRG_CDCatastrophic Coverage Code
22GDC_BLW_OOPT_AMTGross Drug Cost Below Part D Out-of-Pocket Threshold (GDCB)
23GDC_ABV_OOPT_AMTGross Drug Cost Above Part D Out-of-Pocket Threshold (GDCA)
24PTNT_PAY_AMTAmount Paid by Patient
25OTHR_TROOP_AMTOther True Out-of-Pocket (TrOOP) Amount
26LICS_AMTAmount paid for the PDE by Part D low income subsidy
27PLRO_AMTReduction in patient liability due to payments by other payers (PLRO)
28CVRD_D_PLAN_PD_AMTAmount paid by Part D plan for the PDE (drug is covered by Part D)
29NCVRD_PLAN_PD_AMTAmount paid by Part D plan for the PDE (drug is not covered by Part D)
30TOT_RX_CST_AMTTotal drug cost (Part D)
31RX_ORGN_CDPrescription Origination Code
32RPTD_GAP_DSCNT_NUMGap Discount Amount
33BRND_GNRC_CDBrand-Generic Code Reported by Submitting Plan
34PHRMCY_SRVC_TYPE_CDPharmacy service type code
35PTNT_RSDNC_CDPatient Residence Code
36SUBMSN_CLR_CDSubmission clarification code
37BENEFIT_PHASEBenefit Phase of Part D Event
38SRVC_PRVDR_IDService provider identification number
39SRVC_PRVDR_ID_QLFYR_CDService provider identification number qualifier code
40CCW_PHARM_IDCCW Pharmacy Identifier
41NCPDP_IDNCPDP Pharmacy Identifier (Event)
42PRSCRBR_IDPrescriber Identification Number
43PRSCRBR_ID_QLFYR_CDPrescriber identification number qualifier code
44CCW_PRSCRBR_IDCCW Prescriber Identifier
45PDE_PRSCRBR_ID_FRMT_CDPDE Prescriber ID Format Code
46PRIOR_AUTHORIZATION_YNPrior Authorization Indicator (Event)
47TIER_IDMedicare Part D Formulary Tier Number
48QUANTITY_LIMIT_YNQuantity Limit Indicator (Event)
49STEPMaximum Step Number
50FORMULARY_ID Formulary identification number
51FRMLRY_RX_IDCCW Formulary drug identifier