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File Version: CCW Data Documentation 4/15/19

Base (A/B/C/D) segment

Short SAS NameLong SAS NameVariable Name
1BENE_IDBENE_IDEncrypted CCW Beneficiary ID
3ENRL_SRCENRL_SRCEnrollment Source
201SAMPLE_GROUPSAMPLE_GROUPMedicare Sample Group Indicator
5EFIVEPCTENHANCED_FIVE_PERCENT_FLAGEnhanced Medicare 5% Sample Indicator
6CRNT_BICCRNT_BIC_CDCurrent Beneficiary Identification Code
7STATE_CDSTATE_CODEState code for beneficiary (SSA code)
8CNTY_CDCOUNTY_CDCounty code for beneficiary (SSA code)
9ZIP_CDZIP_CDZip code for beneficiary
202STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_01STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_01State and county FIPS code - January
203STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_02STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_02State and county FIPS code - February
204STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_03STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_03State and county FIPS code - March
205STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_04STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_04State and county FIPS code - April
206STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_05STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_05State and county FIPS code - May
207STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_06STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_06State and county FIPS code - June
208STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_07STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_07State and county FIPS code - July
209STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_08STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_08State and county FIPS code - August
210STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_09STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_09State and county FIPS code - September
211STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_10STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_10State and county FIPS code - October
212STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_11STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_11State and county FIPS code - November
213STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_12STATE_CNTY_FIPS_CD_12State and county FIPS code - December
22AGEAGE_AT_END_REF_YRAge of beneficiary at end of year
23BENE_DOBBENE_BIRTH_DTBeneficiary date of birth
24V_DOD_SWVALID_DEATH_DT_SWValid Date of Death Switch
27RACEBENE_RACE_CD Beneficiary Race Code (Base)
28RTI_RACE_CDRTI_RACE_CDResearch Triangle Institute (RTI) Race Code
29COVSTARTCOVSTARTMedicare Coverage Start Date
30ORECENTLMT_RSN_ORIGOriginal Reason for Entitlement Code
31CRECENTLMT_RSN_CURRCurrent Reason for Entitlement Code
32ESRD_INDESRD_INDEnd-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Indicator
214MDCR_STUS_CD_01MDCR_STATUS_CODE_01Medicare Status Code - January
215MDCR_STUS_CD_02MDCR_STATUS_CODE_02Medicare Status Code - February
216MDCR_STUS_CD_03MDCR_STATUS_CODE_03Medicare Status Code - March
216MDCR_STUS_CD_04MDCR_STATUS_CODE_04Medicare Status Code - April
217MDCR_STUS_CD_05MDCR_STATUS_CODE_05Medicare Status Code - May
218MDCR_STUS_CD_06MDCR_STATUS_CODE_06Medicare Status Code - June
219MDCR_STUS_CD_07MDCR_STATUS_CODE_07Medicare Status Code - July
220MDCR_STUS_CD_08MDCR_STATUS_CODE_08Medicare Status Code - August
221MDCR_STUS_CD_09MDCR_STATUS_CODE_09Medicare Status Code - September
250MDCR_STUS_CD_10MDCR_STATUS_CODE_10Medicare Status Code - October
251MDCR_STUS_CD_11MDCR_STATUS_CODE_11Medicare Status Code - November
252MDCR_STUS_CD_12MDCR_STATUS_CODE_12Medicare Status Code - December
45A_TRM_CDBENE_PTA_TRMNTN_CDPart A Termination Code
46B_TRM_CDBENE_PTB_TRMNTN_CDPart B Termination Code
54BUYIN01MDCR_ENTLMT_BUYIN_IND_01Medicare Entitlement/Buy-In Indicator - January
55BUYIN02MDCR_ENTLMT_BUYIN_IND_02Medicare Entitlement/Buy-In Indicator - February
56BUYIN03MDCR_ENTLMT_BUYIN_IND_03Medicare Entitlement/Buy-In Indicator - March
57BUYIN04MDCR_ENTLMT_BUYIN_IND_04Medicare Entitlement/Buy-In Indicator - April
58BUYIN05MDCR_ENTLMT_BUYIN_IND_05Medicare Entitlement/Buy-In Indicator - May
59BUYIN06MDCR_ENTLMT_BUYIN_IND_06Medicare Entitlement/Buy-In Indicator - June
60BUYIN07MDCR_ENTLMT_BUYIN_IND_07Medicare Entitlement/Buy-In Indicator - July
61BUYIN08MDCR_ENTLMT_BUYIN_IND_08Medicare Entitlement/Buy-In Indicator - August
62BUYIN09MDCR_ENTLMT_BUYIN_IND_09Medicare Entitlement/Buy-In Indicator - September
63BUYIN10MDCR_ENTLMT_BUYIN_IND_10Medicare Entitlement/Buy-In Indicator - October
64BUYIN11MDCR_ENTLMT_BUYIN_IND_11Medicare Entitlement/Buy-In Indicator - November
65BUYIN12MDCR_ENTLMT_BUYIN_IND_12Medicare Entitlement/Buy-In Indicator - December
66HMOIND01HMO_IND_01HMO Indicator - January
67HMOIND02HMO_IND_02HMO Indicator - February
68HMOIND03HMO_IND_03HMO Indicator - March
69HMOIND04HMO_IND_04HMO Indicator - April
70HMOIND05HMO_IND_05HMO Indicator - May
71HMOIND06HMO_IND_06HMO Indicator - June
72HMOIND07HMO_IND_07HMO Indicator - July
73HMOIND08HMO_IND_08HMO Indicator - August
74HMOIND09HMO_IND_09HMO Indicator - September
75HMOIND10HMO_IND_10HMO Indicator - October
76HMOIND11HMO_IND_11HMO Indicator - November
77HMOIND12HMO_IND_12HMO Indicator - December

Part C

Short SAS NameLong SAS NameVariable Name
1PTC_CNTRCT_ID_01PTC_CNTRCT_ID_01Part C Contract Number - January
2PTC_CNTRCT_ID_02PTC_CNTRCT_ID_02Part C Contract Number - February
3PTC_CNTRCT_ID_03PTC_CNTRCT_ID_03Part C Contract Number - March
4PTC_CNTRCT_ID_04PTC_CNTRCT_ID_04Part C Contract Number - April
5PTC_CNTRCT_ID_05PTC_CNTRCT_ID_05Part C Contract Number - May
6PTC_CNTRCT_ID_06PTC_CNTRCT_ID_06Part C Contract Number - June
7PTC_CNTRCT_ID_07PTC_CNTRCT_ID_07Part C Contract Number - July
8PTC_CNTRCT_ID_08PTC_CNTRCT_ID_08Part C Contract Number - August
9PTC_CNTRCT_ID_09PTC_CNTRCT_ID_09Part C Contract Number - September
10PTC_CNTRCT_ID_10PTC_CNTRCT_ID_10Part C Contract Number - October
11PTC_CNTRCT_ID_11PTC_CNTRCT_ID_11Part C Contract Number - November
12PTC_CNTRCT_ID_12PTC_CNTRCT_ID_12Part C Contract Number - December
13PTC_PBP_ID_01PTC_PBP_ID_01Part C PBP Number - January
14PTC_PBP_ID_02PTC_PBP_ID_02Part C PBP Number - February
15PTC_PBP_ID_03PTC_PBP_ID_03Part C PBP Number - March
16PTC_PBP_ID_04PTC_PBP_ID_04Part C PBP Number - April
17PTC_PBP_ID_05PTC_PBP_ID_05Part C PBP Number - May
18PTC_PBP_ID_06PTC_PBP_ID_06Part C PBP Number - June
19PTC_PBP_ID_07PTC_PBP_ID_07Part C PBP Number - July
20PTC_PBP_ID_08PTC_PBP_ID_08Part C PBP Number - August
21PTC_PBP_ID_09PTC_PBP_ID_09Part C PBP Number - September
22PTC_PBP_ID_10PTC_PBP_ID_10Part C PBP Number - October
23PTC_PBP_ID_11PTC_PBP_ID_11Part C PBP Number - November
24PTC_PBP_ID_12PTC_PBP_ID_12Part C PBP Number - December
25PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_01PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_01Part C Plan Type Code - January
26PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_02PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_02Part C Plan Type Code - February
27PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_03PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_03Part C Plan Type Code - March
28PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_04PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_04Part C Plan Type Code - April
29PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_05PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_05Part C Plan Type Code - May
30PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_06PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_06Part C Plan Type Code - June
31PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_07PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_07Part C Plan Type Code - July
32PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_08PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_08Part C Plan Type Code - August
33PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_09PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_09Part C Plan Type Code - September
34PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_10PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_10Part C Plan Type Code - October
35PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_11PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_11Part C Plan Type Code - November
36PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_12PTC_PLAN_TYPE_CD_12Part C Plan Type Code - December

Part D

Short SAS NameLong SAS NameVariable Name
1PTDCNTRCT01PTD_CNTRCT_ID_01Monthly Part D Contract Number - January
2PTDCNTRCT02PTD_CNTRCT_ID_02Monthly Part D Contract Number - February
4PTDCNTRCT03PTD_CNTRCT_ID_03Monthly Part D Contract Number - March
4PTDCNTRCT04PTD_CNTRCT_ID_04Monthly Part D Contract Number - April
5PTDCNTRCT05PTD_CNTRCT_ID_05Monthly Part D Contract Number - May
6PTDCNTRCT06PTD_CNTRCT_ID_06Monthly Part D Contract Number - June
7PTDCNTRCT07PTD_CNTRCT_ID_07Monthly Part D Contract Number - July
8PTDCNTRCT08PTD_CNTRCT_ID_08Monthly Part D Contract Number - August
9PTDCNTRCT09PTD_CNTRCT_ID_09Monthly Part D Contract Number - September
10PTDCNTRCT10PTD_CNTRCT_ID_10Monthly Part D Contract Number - October
11PTDCNTRCT11PTD_CNTRCT_ID_11Monthly Part D Contract Number - November
12PTDCNTRCT12PTD_CNTRCT_ID_12Monthly Part D Contract Number - December
13PTDPBPID01PTD_PBP_ID_01Monthly Part D Plan Benefit Package Number - January
14PTDPBPID02PTD_PBP_ID_02Monthly Part D Plan Benefit Package Number - February
15PTDPBPID03PTD_PBP_ID_03Monthly Part D Plan Benefit Package Number - March
16PTDPBPID04PTD_PBP_ID_04Monthly Part D Plan Benefit Package Number - April
17PTDPBPID05PTD_PBP_ID_05Monthly Part D Plan Benefit Package Number - May
18PTDPBPID06PTD_PBP_ID_06Monthly Part D Plan Benefit Package Number - June
19PTDPBPID07PTD_PBP_ID_07Monthly Part D Plan Benefit Package Number - July
20PTDPBPID08PTD_PBP_ID_08Monthly Part D Plan Benefit Package Number - August
21PTDPBPID09PTD_PBP_ID_09Monthly Part D Plan Benefit Package Number - September
22PTDPBPID10PTD_PBP_ID_10Monthly Part D Plan Benefit Package Number - October
23PTDPBPID11PTD_PBP_ID_11Monthly Part D Plan Benefit Package Number - November
24PTDPBPID12PTD_PBP_ID_12Monthly Part D Plan Benefit Package Number - December
25SGMTID01PTD_SGMT_ID_01Monthly Part D Market Segment Identifier - January
26SGMTID02PTD_SGMT_ID_02Monthly Part D Market Segment Identifier - February
27SGMTID03PTD_SGMT_ID_03Monthly Part D Market Segment Identifier - March
28SGMTID04PTD_SGMT_ID_04Monthly Part D Market Segment Identifier - April
29SGMTID05PTD_SGMT_ID_05Monthly Part D Market Segment Identifier - May
30SGMTID06PTD_SGMT_ID_06Monthly Part D Market Segment Identifier - June
31SGMTID07PTD_SGMT_ID_07Monthly Part D Market Segment Identifier - July
32SGMTID08PTD_SGMT_ID_08Monthly Part D Market Segment Identifier - August
33SGMTID09PTD_SGMT_ID_09Monthly Part D Market Segment Identifier - September
34SGMTID10PTD_SGMT_ID_10Monthly Part D Market Segment Identifier - October
35SGMTID11PTD_SGMT_ID_11Monthly Part D Market Segment Identifier - November
36SGMTID12PTD_SGMT_ID_12Monthly Part D Market Segment Identifier - December
37RDSIND01RDS_IND_01Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy Indicator - January
38RDSIND02RDS_IND_02Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy Indicator - February
39RDSIND03RDS_IND_03Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy Indicator - March
40RDSIND04RDS_IND_04Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy Indicator - April
41RDSIND05RDS_IND_05Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy Indicator - May
42RDSIND06RDS_IND_06Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy Indicator - June
43RDSIND07RDS_IND_07Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy Indicator - July
44RDSIND08RDS_IND_08Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy Indicator - August
45RDSIND09RDS_IND_09Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy Indicator - September
46RDSIND10RDS_IND_10Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy Indicator - October
47RDSIND11RDS_IND_11Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy Indicator - November
48RDSIND12RDS_IND_12Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy Indicator - December
49DUAL_01DUAL_STUS_CD_01Monthly Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibility code - January
50DUAL_02DUAL_STUS_CD_02Monthly Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibility code - February
51DUAL_03DUAL_STUS_CD_03Monthly Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibility code - March
52DUAL_04DUAL_STUS_CD_04Monthly Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibility code - April
53DUAL_05DUAL_STUS_CD_05Monthly Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibility code - May
54DUAL_06DUAL_STUS_CD_06Monthly Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibility code - June
55DUAL_07DUAL_STUS_CD_07Monthly Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibility code - July
56DUAL_08DUAL_STUS_CD_08Monthly Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibility code - August
57DUAL_09DUAL_STUS_CD_09Monthly Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibility code - September
58DUAL_10DUAL_STUS_CD_10Monthly Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibility code - October
59DUAL_11DUAL_STUS_CD_11Monthly Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibility code - November
260DUAL_12DUAL_STUS_CD_12Monthly Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibility code - December
61CSTSHR01CST_SHR_GRP_CD_01Monthly cost sharing group under Part D low-income subsidy - January
62CSTSHR02CST_SHR_GRP_CD_02Monthly cost sharing group under Part D low-income subsidy - February
63CSTSHR03CST_SHR_GRP_CD_03Monthly cost sharing group under Part D low-income subsidy - March
64CSTSHR04CST_SHR_GRP_CD_04Monthly cost sharing group under Part D low-income subsidy - April
65CSTSHR05CST_SHR_GRP_CD_05Monthly cost sharing group under Part D low-income subsidy - May
66CSTSHR06CST_SHR_GRP_CD_06Monthly cost sharing group under Part D low-income subsidy - June
67CSTSHR07CST_SHR_GRP_CD_07Monthly cost sharing group under Part D low-income subsidy - July
68CSTSHR08CST_SHR_GRP_CD_08Monthly cost sharing group under Part D low-income subsidy - August
69CSTSHR09CST_SHR_GRP_CD_09Monthly cost sharing group under Part D low-income subsidy - September
70CSTSHR10CST_SHR_GRP_CD_10Monthly cost sharing group under Part D low-income subsidy - October
71CSTSHR11CST_SHR_GRP_CD_11Monthly cost sharing group under Part D low-income subsidy - November
72CSTSHR12CST_SHR_GRP_CD_12Monthly cost sharing group under Part D low-income subsidy - December