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This variable is contained in the following files: Outpatient (Fee-for-Service)
Short SAS Name
SAS Name

Effective with Version I, the amount paid by the beneficiary to the provider for the line item service.
NOTE1: This field is populated for those claims that are required to process through Outpatient PPS Pricer. The type of bills (TOB) required to process through are: 12X, 13X, 14X (except Maryland providers, Indian Health Providers, hospitals located in American Samoa, Guam and Saipan and Critical Access Hospitals (CAH)); 76X; 75X and 34X if certain HCPCS are on the bill; and any outpatient type of bill with a condition code '07' and certain HCPCS. These claim types could have lines that are not required to price under OPPS rules so those lines would not have data in this field.
Additional exception: Virgin Island hospitals and hospitals that furnish only inpatient Part B services with dates of service 1/1/02 and forward.
ANAMOLY: For dates of service August 1, 2000 to present, the OPPS revenue center fields are being processed differently by FISS and APASS (standard systems). For more information on OPPS data problems for this time period see the Limitations Appendix. The following is how each system is handling this field:
FISS: populating correctly (sum of coinsurance and deductible)
APASS: not populating this field
Currently, the following FI numbers are under the APASS system and all other FI numbers are under FISS. See FI_NUM table of codes for all FI numbers.
52280 -- Mutual of Omaha (until 6/1/2003) 00430 -- Washington/Alaska (until 11/1/2003) 00310 -- North Carolina BC (until 12/1/2003) 00370 -- Rhode Island (until 2/1/2004) 00270 -- New Hampshire/Vermont (until 3/1/2004) 00181 -- Maine/Massachusetts (until 5/1/2004)
NOTE2: It has been discovered that this field may be populated with data on claims with dates of service prior to 7/00 (implementation of Claim Line Expansion OPPS/HHPPS). The original understanding of the new revenue center fields was that data would be populated on claims with dates of service 7/00 and forward. Data has been found in claims with dates of service prior to 7/00 because the Standard Systems have processed any claim coming in 7/00 and after, meeting the above criteria, through the Outpatient Code Editor (OCE) regardless of the dates of service.