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This variable is contained in the following files: Outpatient (Fee-for-Service)
Short SAS Name
SAS Name

This variable is the dollar amount the beneficiary is responsible for related to the deductible for blood products that appear on the revenue center record.

A deductible amount applies to the first 3 pints of blood (or equivalent units; applies only to whole blood or packed red cells - not platelets, fibrinogen, plasma, etc. which are considered biologicals). However, blood processing is not subject to a deductible. Calculation of the deductible amount considers both Part A and Part B claims combined. The blood deductible does not count toward meeting the inpatient hospital deductible or any other applicable deductible and coinsurance amounts for which the patient is responsible.


Costs to beneficiaries are described in detail on the website. There is a CMS publication called "Your Medicare Benefits", which explains the blood deductible.

This field is populated for those claims that are required to process through Outpatient PPS PRICER software. The type of bills (TOB) required to process through are: 12X, 13X, 14X (except Maryland providers, Indian Health Providers, hospitals located in American Samoa, Guam and Saipan and Critical Access Hospitals [CAH]); 76X; 75X and 34X if certain HCPCS are on the bill; and any outpatient type of bill with a condition code '07' and certain HCPCS. These claim types could have lines that are not required to price under OPPS rules so those lines would not have data in this field.

Additional exception: Virgin Island hospitals and hospitals that furnish only inpatient Part B services with dates of service 1/1/02 and forward.

Source: NCH