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The Medicaid Long Term (LT) Care File contains claim records for institutional long term care provided at four specific facility identified by the MAX Type of Service:

  • Nursing Facility Services
  • Mental Hospital Services for the Aged
  • Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Services for Individuals Under the Age Of 21
  • Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) Services for Individuals With Intellectual Disabilities

What does this file include? (variable highlights)

  • 5 diagnosis codes
  • Admission date
  • Charges and payments (FFS only)
  • Provider identifier
  • Patient discharge status or destination
  • Counts of covered days

Special considerations

  • Encounter record reporting may not be complete. Data reporting may vary by state, year and eligibility group.
  • Stays may be made up of multiple records.
  • Long term care services provided to community-dwelling beneficiaries are found the MAX OT file.
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