CMS Office of Minority Health (OMH) is supporting five (5) “seats” in the CMS Virtual Research Data Center (VRDC) for a period of 36 months each to assist researchers in gaining access to and understanding of CMS restricted access data for the conduct of health services research in health equity.

CMS is pleased to announce that all researchers will be allowed to request data on a quarterly basis rather than the annual updates that were available in the past.

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CMS announces entrepreneurs and innovators to access Medicare data

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The Research, Statistics, Data & Systems page on the CMS website contains a number of links to CMS statistical information. You will find links to reports, publications, downloadable public use files, and descriptions of data available.

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Interested in requesting CMS data? Visit our CMS Data Request Center where you will find resources for preparing and submitting your request.

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Our guide to Getting Started with CMS Data will provide you with the resources to help you understand if CMS data is right for your project.


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Getting Started

New to CMS data? Check out this guide to Getting Started. You'll find resources on:

  • CMS data strengths and limitations
  • choosing the right files
  • preparing a data request
  • data analysis tips