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Staff photo of Helen Parsons
Deputy Director, ResDAC

Dr. Helen Parsons earned her PhD in Health Services Research and MPH from the University of MN. Dr. Helen Parsons directs research on the benefits, risks, and results of health care policy so that patients, clinicians and policy makers can make more informed decisions. Her goal is to identify effective strategies to improve the quality and value of healthcare. She has expertise in mixed-methods research, employing a combination of administrative data (e.g., Medicare), clinical registries, surveys and focus groups to understand how adoption of new programs and policies influence reimbursement and health outcomes.

Previously, Dr. Parsons served as Associate Director of Analytics, Research and Methods for UnitedHealth’s Oncology and Genetic Testing Lines of Service. She has served as Director of Evaluation and Implementation/Assistant Professor of Health Services Research, Policy and Analytics in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Texas Health Science Center. In addition to this work, Dr. Parsons was Evaluation Director for one of the University’s largest translational science grants, examining the role of health policies on access to innovative therapies for the Clinical Translational Science Award (CTSA).