New Part D Data File Available: Plan Election Type Beneficiary Summary File

CMS is pleased to announce the availability of a new Part D data file, the Part D Plan Election Type Beneficiary Summary File. CMS developed this file to enable researchers to study the effects of Part D auto-assignment and reassignment policies among Low Income Subsidy (LIS) beneficiaries. The Plan Election Type Beneficiary Summary file will be offered for 2006 forward. The files contain beneficiary-level records that can be linked to other Research Identifiable File (RIF) data via the CCW beneficiary identifier, the Bene_ID. They can be requested via the usual RIF process, found on the Research Data Assistance Center (ResDAC) website.

Once a release date and file documentation are available, an update will be posted to the ResDAC website. Please contact ResDAC with any questions, or 888-973-7322.