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Federal funding and Federal Project Officers are closely tied to their associated studies. Whenever there is a change made to a study, the Federal Project Officer must be aware of the change and give their consent.

This page describes funding situations and how they impact a data request.


Project is Federally Funded but the Federal funds don’t cover the total cost of the data files and the researcher wants to use internal funds to cover the remaining amount. Is this allowed?

This is allowed, however, the DUA and all documents need to state that this is a federally funded study.  Payment from the two different sources is allowed, but federal funds take priority over any other funding.

Project was originally Federally funded, but funding has ended and requestor would like to Amend/update the DUA to obtain new data and continue the project under internal funds. Is this allowed?

Researchers can use internal funds to obtain a new DUA through a reuse request, but the original federal project officer must supply a letter of continuing support. If the Federal Project Officer will not supply a letter stating support, then the reuse will not be possible and the DUA will need to be closed.

If a project is internally funded to start with and the researcher receives federal funding to obtain additional data, how should this be handled?

The user should obtain a new DUA for the Federally approved protocol. Data could be reused, but the money that is coming from the Federal Agency for this work would need to be tied to the project the Federal Agency approved.