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This variable is contained in the following files: Part D Drug Event File
Short SAS Name
SAS Name

This variable is the identification number for the pharmacy or physicians' office that dispensed the drug, as reported by the Part D sponsor on the PDE record submitted to CMS.


This variable can be requested if the CCW Pharmacy Characteristics file is not required.

Note that from 2006-2013, the CCW created a unique CCW pharmacy identifier (variable called CCW_PHARM_ID) from this pharmacy identifier variable on the PDE by cross walking all of the possible identifiers for a unique pharmacy and assigning a CCW_PHARM_ID to represent an individual pharmacy entity.  

The CCW_PHARM_ID may be obtained instead of (but not in addition to) the SRVC_PRVR_ID; starting with 2014, the CCW_PHARM_ID is replaced with the NCPDP_ID (and may not be obtained with the SRVC_PRVDR_ID).

Information regarding the information the type of pharmacy identifier that was submitted on the original PDE data is documented in the SRVC_PRVDR_ID_QLFYR_CD variable.

Source: PDE

Up to 10-digit numeric value (example - 1235247610)