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This variable is contained in the following files: Plan Characteristics File
SAS Name

This variable is the description of the relationship between the Part D Contract and Plan ID that was active in the reference year - an any associated Contract and Plan ID(s) in the previous year.


The relationship between the Contract and Plan ID in the reference year compared to the prior year. This varaible is the narrative description for the single letter code value that appears in the variable (RELATIONSHIP_CODE).

The Contract and Plan ID for the reference year could be related to more than one Contract and Plan ID in the prevous year (e.g., if reference year relationship was a consolidation); similaryly, more than one Contract and Plan ID in the reference year may be associated with a signle Contract and Plan ID in the previous year (e.g., if reference year was a split).

Source: CMS (HPMS Files)

CodeCode value
no link to a plan in the prior year
same plan & contract in reference and prior years (portion of service area may be different)
2 or more plans in the prior year consolidated into a single plan
plan appeared in prior year, not active in reference year