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This variable is contained in the following files: Plan Characteristics File
Short SAS Name
This variable identifies the beneficiary co-insurance percentage for a 1 month supply of the drugs on this tier, using an in-network pharmacy during the pre-initial coverage limit (ICL) phase of the Part D benefit.

This variable was new in 2007. It changed from 12 digits to 8 in 2009.Plans that use a co-payment amount rather than a coinsurance percentage will not have a value in this field; see instead the corresponding co-payment variable called (PRE_ICL_INP_1M_COPAY_TIER_01).There a different number of variables each year to describe tiers, due to variation in the formulary tiers over time. There are different variables to describe all possible tiers in the pre-ICL benefit phase. See also PRE_ICL_INP_1M_COINS_TIER_01 - PRE_ICL_INP_1M_COINS_TIERS_09.