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SAS Name

The CMS facility internal identifier that is unique within a state.  For the NATL_MDS_FAC_SUBMSN_SMRY, NATL_HHA_FAC_SUBMSN_SMRY, OBQI_ROLLUPS, OBQI_CMIX_RISK_ADJSTD_ROLLUPS, OBQI_RAO_RISK_ADJSTD_ROLLUPS, OBQI_BRIEFG_BOOK_MISC_MSR and MEGA_QI_INITL_ROLLUP tables, if the number is a positive value, it is the CMS facility internal identifier.

Positive value indicates the CMS facility indentifier. Other values include:
CodeCode value
the data is averaged to the state
the data is averaged to the region
the data is averaged to the whole nation