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RIF Medicare Quarterly Data

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Researchers may now request data on a quarterly basis, in addition to the annual files.

Data available on a quarterly basis includes Medicare Research Identifiable FFS claims (Inpatient, Outpatient, Home Health Agency, Hospice, Skilled Nursing Facility, Carrier, and Durable Medical Equipment) and the Master Beneficiary Summary File: Base A/B segment.

File Sizes for 100% Research Identifiable Claims Files for years 2009-2011

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The table below provides file sizes in gigabyte for each specific claim type for a 100% file.  These sizes apply to the Research Identifiable files whether they are distributed on a hard drive or accessed in the Virtual Research Data Center.  CMS data users who receive their data on a hard drive will also need to estimate addition to open the data files.  These data files are packaged as encrypted self-decrypting archive (SDA) files and will require almost the

Inclusion of Hospital and Skilled Nursing Stays in the RIF Annual MedPAR and Claims Data

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Researchers working with the Research Identifiable (RIF) versions of the MedPAR or Inpatient and Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) claims may find records that do not appear to correspond to the year of the file. These instances can usually be explained by how stays or claims are included in the files during file creation.