RIF Specifications Worksheet

The Specification Worksheet contains requestor information, shipping information, method of payment, and study/project data extract details. The worksheet also contains the PDE Justification tab that must be completed by all Part D requestors.

  • The data distributor uses the Specifications Worksheet as a reference to pull the data requested and generate a cost invoice. Refer to the "Instructions" tab to determine which tabs need to be completed.
  • In the “Requestor Information” section of the "Contact Info" tab, please provide street addresses (CMS does not accept PO Box addresses).
  • If your request includes new use data, CMS will charge for shipping.  Please be sure to complete the “Shipping Information” section on the "Contact Info" tab.
  • If you are a State Agency, please use the Specifications Worksheet found on the State Agency request page: www.resdac.org/cms-data/request/state-agency
  • If you are a Qualified Entity, please use the Specifications Worksheet found on the QE request page: www.resdac.org/cms-data/request/qualified-entity-program