RIF Data Use Agreement (DUA)

The Research Identifiable (RIF) DUA delineates the confidentiality requirements of the Privacy Act and CMS's data release policies and procedures.

  • At the onset of your request, please provide an unsigned, draft document in PDF format.
  • ResDAC recommends including more than one individual on the DUA (either a different User/Custodian or under a DUA Signature Addendum) so there will always be at least 2 people listed on the DUA to receive CMS communication of expiration notices, etc.
  • For the User and Custodian, please provide street addresses where indicated (CMS does not accept PO Box addresses).
  • If your request is federally funded then completion of DUA item 19 is required.
  • The DUA is not finalized/signed until end of ResDAC review process.
  • CMS does not currently accept electronic signatures.
Request Material Tips: