Federal Agency Data Requests


This page describes the process in place for Federal Agencies to request CMS data for research. Federal Agencies or Federal Agency contractors often need CMS data in order to complete research requests or to administer a Federal program. 

  • In order to submit a request for data for a research request, please review the tabs in this section on data available and request materials.

Data Available and Cost

Federal Agencies can request identifiable data, limited data sets, or public use files.  The cost of the data varies depending on the type of file, cohort size, and number of years selected. 

Data Available

Please view the table of available data files.

Cost of Data

If the Federal Agency needs identifiable data, the federal agency can select the files and years using the specifications worksheet and email that to resdac@umn.edu. ResDAC will work with the Federal Agency to determine the data necessary in order to complete the study. If the Federal Agency needs Limited Data Sets or Public Use Files, the Federal agency can find the prices posted on the CMS website.

If the Federal Agency has a Memo of Understanding or Information Exchange Agreement established with CMS, then the cost of the data will be determined as part of the agreement with CMS.

Federal Request Process

In order to request identifiable data for a research request, please submit a draft copy of the materials to resdac@umn.edu and request a review. Please allow ResDAC 7-10 days to review and provide feedback.

Once ResDAC receives final documents, ResDAC will forward the materials to CMS for processing.