Medicaid Enrollee Supplemental File

 The Medicaid Enrollee Supplemental File is composed of two file segments, the Chronic Conditions Segment and the National Death Index (NDI) segment for Medicaid. Each segment must be requested and justified separately.

Chronic Conditions segment: This file includes data at the person level on 27 CCW Chronic Conditions, 24 conditions developed by the CMS Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office (9 on mental health/tobaccouse and 15 related to physical and intellectual disability/developmental disorders. Data is available for anyone in that calendar year MAX PS file, when a CCW Bene_ID could be assigned. This would be true for approximately 91% of the Medicaid population.

National Death Index (NDI) segment: This file includes variables created from death certificate data obtained by the Centers for Disease Control National Death Index, including cause of death. The file will only include records for those who had a date of death reported in the MAX PS file from MSIS or who were dually Medicare-Medicaid eligible and had a Medicare date of death. Decedents for 1999-2013 are included in annual files.

Chronic Conditions segment


National Death Index (NDI) segment


The MESF NDI file is not available for CA or UT for the years 2011-2013. For these three years, neither state reported any Medicaid dates of death. Researchers interested in the NDI cause of death information for the dually eligible can request the MBSF NDI file.

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