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The LTCH-CARE Data Set is the assessment instrument used for all patients receiving inpatient services in a facility certified as a hospital and designated as a LTCH under the Medicare program. Patient assessment information is collected on admission, at discharge and death. This is an all-payer dataset including, but not limited to, Medicare FFS and Medicare Advantage beneficiaries and includes risk scores and condition categories used to calculate risk scores for LTCH quality measure data.

This file includes (variable highlights):

  • Beneficiary demographic information, including health insurance
  • Facility provider identifiers and location
  • Beneficiary diagnoses, functional status and other physical status information
  • Beneficiary cognitive pattern assessment
  • Use of medications in high-risk drug classes
  • Selected procedures and treatments
  • LTCH Quality Measures (QM) risk score
    • Raw scores (adjusted C/D) and unadjusted
    • Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs)
    • Beneficiary status (long term institutionalized, community, etc.)
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