Denominator LDS

The Denominator LDS File combines Medicare beneficiary entitlement status information from administrative enrollment records with third-party payer information and GHP enrollment information. The Denominator File contains data on all Medicare beneficiaries enrolled and/or entitled in a given year. It is an abbreviated version of the Enrollment Data Base (EDB) (selected data elements). It does not contain data on all beneficiaries ever entitled to Medicare. The file contains data only for beneficiaries who were entitled during the year of the data.

For more information or to request the file, please visit the CMS website:

CY 2006-2016

 Note that the Denominator LDS file will be replaced by the Master Beneficiary Summary File (MBSF) LDS file. For calendar year 2016 data, either file can be requested. Beginning with data for calendar year 2017, only the MBSF LDS will be released.

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