Beneficiary Summary File

The Beneficiary Summary File includes the beneficiary unique identifier, state and county codes, zipcode, date of birth, date of death, sex, race, age, monthly entitlement indicators (A/B/C/D), reasons for entitlement, and monthly managed care indicators (yes/no). As of 2006, it also includes variables specific to enrollment in Part D. Part D enrollment variables include a derived race/ethnicity code, an indicator for Other Credible Drug Coverage, and monthly indicators for MA-PD/PDP enrollment, Low Income Subsidy (LIS) enrollment, Retiree Drug Subsidy, and State Reported Dual Eligibility Status.

This file has been incorporated into the Master Beneficiary Summary file under the Medicare enrollment segment.


This file was discontinued as of 03/2012 and is no longer available for request. The information found in this file is now found in the Master Beneficiary Summary file, Base (a/b/d) segment.

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